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Logotype and corporate identity of travel agency «Mandromania»


The basis of the logotype of travel agency “Mandromania” which has been designed in the Studio is an air balloon, a symbol of travelling. It may be outworn but in this case the way it is presented fully changes all the picture. Faceted surface of the balloon on one side volumizes it and makes it “non banal”. On the other side the balloon looks like a precious stone allowing one more time to make the content of a new brand play.

Logotype Mandromania

The new symbol sucessfully combines brightness and attraction together with expensiveness and exclusivity. The colourful logotype looks favorably on a white as well as on a dark background.


Complexity of the symbol designed in the Studio opens new horizons in building of the corporate identity of travel agency. The patterns from the “fragments” of the logotype are various and may be presented in infinite number of combinations. The promotional materials presented on such a constructive basis look bright and original.

Promotional materials Mandromania
Promotional materials are battle-ready

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